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Xiangyu Zheng

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Hello there! My name is Xiangyu Zheng, and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Economics, a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Journalism, and a minor in Entrepreneurship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

My passion for vintage culture began in China, where I was captivated by the emerging cleanfit fashion trend, which, in my opinion, closely resembles the American vintage style. The growing number of Chinese students who earned their degrees in the United States and developed their fashion sense here inspired many to start fashion businesses in China. Brands such as Rocksteady and Esoteric Thing have evolved into mature, unique brands with distinct styles. Influenced by their success, I began to believe that I could pursue a similar path.

Upon arriving in the United States in 2022, I discovered a vintage market at my university, which marked my first authentic vintage experience at UNC-CH. The allure of time-worn clothing, along with the fascinating designs and graphics, instantly captured my heart. Since then, I have embarked on a journey to explore vintage culture, visiting cities such as Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston, New York, and Las Vegas.

My goal is to continue immersing myself in the world of vintage fashion and share my experiences and insights through this website. Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey!

My first vintage journey starts at The Tar Heel Market held by draba.chapelhill on 09/09/2022.

My second journey is on 23/09/2022 at 102 Fraternity Ct.

My third journey is also at The Tar Heel Market held by draba.chapelhill on 29/09/2022.

After that, I went to the biggest Tar Heel Vintage market held by draba and franklinstmarket on 15/10/2022.

During the holidays, I went to vintage stores in Boston, Las Vegas, and New York.

I went to the largest vintage market I’ve ever been to – the NC Vintage Bazaar at the Raleigh Convention Center.

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